Indonesia and culture are certainly two things that cannot be passed. Why is that? Because the bineka community produces a very diverse culture, so Indonesia is known to be rich in culture.  Misalnya in the field of arts, such as music, singing, dancing, andso on. For dance alone, there are various types depending on the purpose, both for performance, entertainment, rejecting reinforcements, to welcoming dances.

Cara Yang Unik Untuk Menjaga Hubungan Jarak Jauh

There are many welcoming dances found throughout Indonesia, one of which is padduppa dance. For those of you who come from South Sulawesi, you must be familiar with padduppa dance, or maybe you are one of the people who have danced this dance.  Padduppa  dance is a women-only dance, danced by an odd number of dancers.  This dance in the past, was only intended to welcome kings and great royal guests on traditional occasions and weddings. This dance also at the beginning, could not be performed by just anyone, only women who had noble bloodlines could perform this dance.

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As time goes by, padduppa dance  is also presented near all events in the community, both small and large activities to welcome guests.  The dancers are no longer restricted to people of noble blood only, but all women from any circle can dance this dance.

Kegiatan Yang Paling Disenangi Bagi Banyak Orang Dunia

Equipment Used in Padduppa Dance

Padduppa dancers  use bodo clothes (traditional clothes specifically for women in South Sulawesi) asa top and silk sarongs for subordinates. The dancer’s clothes are equipped withvarious accessories, namely a bando with floral decorations, arm bracelets, wristbands, necklaces, and long earrings.

In this dance, each dancer carries a bosara, a kind of  iron tray, round in shape, has one leg under it as a support, complete with a ya ng covermade of iron frame wrapped in a strikingly colored cloth.  Bosara is usually usedby the Bugis people for a cake place in entertaining their guests. The use of bosara for the Bugis people is considered one of the forms of glorifying guests.  The bosara carried by the dancers at the padduppa  dance contains rice, nowadays there are also those who replace it with flowers.

Padduppa Dance Pengirin Music

Padduppa dance accompaniment  is a distinctive musical instrument, in the form of sounds produced by traditional musical instruments, without being accompanied by singing. The musical instruments used to accompany padduppa  dance are kecapi, flute, genrang (drum), and pui-pui (serunai).

Padduppa Dance, An Overview of The Behavior of the People of South Sulawesi

Padduppa dance  is not only limited to dance for the community, more than that, this dance is considered as an implementation of a form of respect for a leader as well as to the guests who come. The use of bosara as a mandatory equipment in this dance illustrates the custom of the people of South Sulawesi in entertaining their guests.  Bosara in theSula wesi Selatan community is regarded as the best food container used to mappakaraja (glorify) its guests.

The concept of pangadareng is also applied in this padduppa dance  , the emphasis on the element of ade’ which includes norms in society can be seen from the dancers who always spread smiles throughout the dance. This is an illustration of the attitude of the People of South Sulawesi in welcoming their guests with hospitality, politeness, and mutual care.

Well guys, that’s a glimpse of information about South Sulawesi related to its art, padduppa dance, a welcoming dance in South Sulawesi, where this dance has a deep meaning, more than just a dance, because every movement and equipment used in this dance can describe the behavior of its people.